Have you been as excited as we have this past week? Not only have we brought you lovely iCan Ladies and Gents our very first blog-post, but we’re chuffed to bits to have debuted our inaugural Rebound session.

That took place on Tuesday the 9th, and was fully-booked! It’s thrilling to have brought Rebounding to Carlisle in the first place, but to have had so many welcome it so warmly is a treat indeed. We really have to give a special thanks to Awards for All, the big, lottery-funded scheme providing funds for community-led programmes. We literally couldn’t have done it without their support.

How did we get fully booked classes so soon? Well, We’re far from shrinking violets, as we do all we can to spread the work we do far and wide. Even so, what a lovely surprise. Our thanks for getting so readily involved.

But be honest with me, how did we reach so many folk? Was it the video we posted to our site? Did our directorial work grab your attention? Or was it the glamorous cast of iCan trainers performing a choreographed routine on the trampolines? Either way we’re really rather happy to run these sessions and hope all of our members will get as much fun out of it as we do.

One of the features we’re hoping to regularly include in our blog is a tips, tricks and treats section. We want to help. We’re here to help. If we can pass on a little morsel of information, a stretching technique or a heart-healthy recipe perhaps, we’ll do it. Expect to see some helpful hints soon.



Our blog will hopefully be like us, stress-free, fun and here to provide you with both physical and mental well-being. iCan isn’t here to pump yourself up to weight-lifter proportions. We’re a family, not your drill sergeants. The most important thing for us is to get as many people within our community as healthy and happy as we can.


We really want you to become part of this family. We’ve not been here long but the opportunities our new premises offer are fantastic.

Rotating an exercise routine is a simple but great way to work on various aspects of your health. So we run a regular circuit training session, iCan Ladies/ iCan Ladies and Gents, but switch the theme up weekly. Ladies show a great interest in our, Legs, Bums and Tums sessions, although you chaps are welcome to try too! If you’re seeking a more mindful, relaxing time we also hold Yoga sessions. We can help in so many ways so seek us out on our social media, drop us an email, pop in or simply call. We look forward to hearing from you.

And after all that activity why go so soon? Stick around and gossip over a cup of coffee. We run an honesty café here at iCan so we won’t stretch anyone’s budget.

So many of our wonderful members have gotten so much from joining us and that really excites us. Our helping you build your enthusiasm for becoming healthier is really rather rewarding.

Remember… iCan is here for everybody, we’re here to transform people’s lives from iCan’t, to iCan!