Hello again! Here’s hoping this 2nd blog finds all of you readers well. Or perhaps this should be ‘Blog, take two’?



We’re always seeking to improve the space that we have. As part of that effort, we’ve installed a brand-spanking new Smart TV, with all the bells and whistles.


We’ll utilise this new tool in a variety of ways. Services such as YouTube are built-in, so our classes could be supplemented with video demonstrations. It’s a remarkable website with a seemingly endless supply of videos, we highly recommend it!


It’s possible to interact with the television as you would a desktop computer. We can ‘surf the web’ with it so expect a vast array of benefits to come in time.


We’re hoping to roll out ‘Movie Nights’ soon. So keeping in mind that both we and our new TV are here to assist our community, let us know if you fancy popping in to watch a Hollywood classic, or even a documentary. Have you any suggestions?


Our wonderful trainer Jo is bidding us farewell. She is heading down Mexico way and we’ve no doubt that like us, you all wish her the best for her journey. Enjoy yourself Jo! There may be some Mexican themed surprises coming your way to celebrate her trip.



Whilst we’ll have more details as the event draws closer, we do want to let you all know that we’re co-hosting a street party in the summer with the wonderful Ruth Allcroft, a local councillor.



A beautiful scheme was born from the tragic murder of the Labour MP, Jo Cox, in 2016. Jo’s family and friends came up with an initiative, The Great Get Together and with the help of dozens of organisations nation-wide, encourage communities to host events in an effort to, “…bring our communities together and celebrate all that unites us”. We’re hoping that The Great Denton Holme Get Together goes off without a hitch!



iCan have recently hosted a project run by The Glenmore Trust, which was funded by The Armed Forces Covenant.


10 local ex-service men and women, were invited to participate in a series of classes and activities with us for 6 months. The goal was to improve on their fitness (if any had succumbed to the laziness of civvie-street!) and to reintegrate them back into the community should they feel lost or alone.


We honestly cannot thank these two groups for this wonderful opportunity and must pass on hearty praise to The Armed Forces Covenant. What a wonderful way to help our veterans. After all, they’re just as much a part of our community as anyone else. Thank you.


That’s your lot ladies and gents. We’ll be back in a week or two to tell you about anything fun we’ve discovered, or if anything interesting has happened with us here at iCan Health & Fitness CIC.