Well here we are again. How is everyone out there? You’re already our captive audience, but indulge us a little further, read on to find out just what we’ve been up to of late.


As we’re always on the look-out for those little or large things that can help us all out, we thought we’d do something a little bit different with this particular blog. Knowing how much good news keeps our spirits raised, we’re hoping to do the same with to yours by sharing something special.


We really do get a boost from those within the iCan community that experience the benefits that we can offer, and we love when they share their stories with us. For those that have, for those that will, please continue to flood us with any and all loveliness that you have. You’ll put a smile upon your instructors faces and you’ll no doubt inspire others within iCan to do something similar.


One of the stories we’ve received recently comes from Alison Musgrave, known by all here simply as ‘Ali’.


My story starts after New Year on 11 January 2015, when by chance I met Jo at a party…, she explained the 30-minute concept based on H.I.T. (High Intensity Training), would actually improve my life and offered me a three-day trial.


…I came with the attitude that I can do it. Jo took me through the programme, making sure I could use the equipment correctly. The friendliness, encouragement and support I received from other members as well as the staff, was amazing and so I decided to become a member.


I feel the fitness centre is very unique, as it offers members a one-stop shop, so to speak.


  • Monthly weight and body measurements, BMI and body fat checks
  • Personal eating plans that fit into your schedule
  • Personal coaches delivering weekly sessions with different exercise themes
  • Optional monthly challenges
  • Flexible class times to fit in with your lifestyle
  • Support and encouragement from personal coaches that really help you achieve your potential


Over the past months I have increased my sessions from 3 to 5 days per week. I have completed 30-day ab challenges, 30-day arm challenges, squat challenges…, I’ve experienced a weight loss of over 3 stones…, and shed 5% of body-fat. But most importantly, my fitness has significantly improved, as has my mobility and I am a lot less stressed.


I never thought I would be able to exercise due to my fibromyalgia, but my 30-minute exercise has now become part of my life. I enjoy my sessions every morning before I start my full-time job…, it sets me up that everyday life throws at you.


So go on, gift yourself with a ½ hour session and you will feel the benefits, take it from me, you will enjoy it. You can do it, I DID!’



If you keep yourself up to date, then what I’ve just described to you will be old news. Alison was recently featured in The News & Star, and wasn’t shy about promoting us! Many thanks Ali, really. I hope the readers of this blog, all of our current iCan members, and any future members take heed of Alison’s story and use it as evidence that you can turn your life around at iCan!


Alison isn’t the only one to enjoy her time with us here at iCan. Joy Bedford, 74, wrote, “iCan has changed my life, I have friends to talk to now…, sometimes without iCan, I don’t speak to anyone at all throughout the day”.


Noeleen Davidson wrote, “iCan has made me feel like me again”.

Are you dear reader, feeling as good as I am now? It truly is wonderful to hear these stories. Whilst we can get lost in the day to day doldrums of our own lives, work, family, the ever-present bills, the act of coming here and then interacting with all of you lovely people and hearing genuine, satisfying accounts of your time here? Well, it makes us all warm and fuzzy!


Because that’s such a wonderful feeling, here’s another wonderful account from an iCan lady, Vera Nicholson.


“I am a 62 year-old nurse, married with 2 grown up sons… My weight was never an issue until I reached “a certain age” when I had to start watching what I ate.


I have never really been into exercise, believing that my normal activities would suffice. I walked my dog a couple of miles a day… I became semi-retired in March 2010… I weighed 13 stones 2 pounds!


At 5’9” most people were surprised that I weighed so much… I felt huge and none of my clothes fitted properly.


It was only in June 2015 I decided to go to iCan. A friend of mine had lost a lot of weight and looked much better for it, so I decided to give it a go.


I have never considered joining a gym, but my friend said this was something different and she was right. I did not want to go anywhere where everyone looks like a super model… or where there were rippling muscles on display.


At iCan Julia and Jo are extremely welcoming and remember your name immediately. The atmosphere is very welcoming… and the age range is very wide.


There is a great camaraderie amongst the members and it is a joy to see women older than me maintaining their fitness through exercise and encouragement. Encouragement is extremely important and helps you to achieve things above what you thought you were capable of.


I try to go 3 times a week and so far have managed to lose almost a stone in weight…, more importantly my whole body is toned thanks to their particular style of exercise. Half an hour of intensive (depending on your level of fitness) 3 times a week with loud encouragement CAN achieve amazing things. I feel great thanks to the regime and to the staff.





Well, that’s all folks! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and come back for more. If you did like it then by all means say so the next time you visit us at iCan. If there is anything else you’d like to read or see featured then let us know that too!


Here’s a link to the article featured within The News & Starhttp://www.newsandstar.co.uk/news/I-was-sleeping-my-life-away-how-exercise-helped-Ali-bounce-back-from-fibromyalgia-battle-67b8f0a1-8bed-4d35-a928-617a65533adb-ds