As I type, I find myself gazing, somewhat day-dreamily, out of my window at my quiet street bathed in warm sunlight. What a change but a few weeks can make.


The ‘Beast from the East’ certainly brought with it some nippy and most inconvenient weather. I’m not the most agile, but thankfully my balance is tip-top! However, that doesn’t stop my tensing up when I walk in the slippery-nuisance that is ice, which only serves to exacerbate my Arthritic problems.


For those of you that may suffer in a similar fashion, I heartily recommend a simple exercise, the humble ‘calf-raise’. Step 1) stand a foot or so from a wall with feet pointed forward. Step 2) place hands against the wall for support. Step 3) raise heels a little from the floor. Step 4) hold this position for a second or two. Step 4) lower heels. Step 5) repeat the previous steps (I personally do between 30-50, depending on how sore I am that day).



I find it’s a simple, hassle-free way to work out the kinks within my feet and ankles that occur from sitting still for too long. I boost the blood-flow within my legs and ease the aches and pains. You could do a few whilst the telly is on. Or when you get up to make a cup of tea. A simple exercise with little energy expended, a ‘win-win’.


Here at iCan we’ve hoping to pass on more than just these little tips. We’re rolling out a Mentor training scheme and hoping to garner support from those existing iCan members. Is this a step you’d be willing to take?



If we can encourage you to invest your own time you’d earn a wonderful reward, you’d actively help a new member in his or her fitness journey! You’d bolster each other’s drive to exercise regularly and be able to set and then achieve goals together. Please, have a chat with us if this is something you’d be willing to make happen after all, we all need a helping hand from time to time.


We’ve been lucky enough to be rewarded with the funding for this scheme via the National Lottery’s Awards for All  fund. So if you were curious as to if some of that money actually went to good causes, well, look no further.



We’re a ‘community interest company’, and the lottery commission have seen the good that we’ve achieved thus far so, with these warmly-received funds we can act on our deep-rooted desire to really effect a change for good in our community.


I think we can all agree, that odd lucky dip, the occasional little flutter, it truly is worth it. If you don’t strike it lucky then at least you’ll have done your bit to help somebody else out. Who knew?


If you are willing to become a mentor and guide a fellow iCan member through their trials and tribulations, you’ll also get a free t-shirt! We have some training slots coming up, Monday 30th April between 12pm and 1pm, then again on Thursday 3rd May, between 5.30pm and 6.30pm.



We’ve got some more good news to share with you all. We were invited to attend the a little do put on by the Cumbria Social Enterprise Partnership (CSEP). But this wasn’t simply an excuse to glam it up a little, oh no. Julia was awarded with the CSEP’s individual Social Entrepreneur of the Year award.



This year’s theme has been ‘Empowering Communities through Enterprise’ and what a delight it is to have had our efforts over the last year recognised like this. They’ve seen how we’ve transformed our new (but ‘twas rather run-down!) premises and boosted our membership.


Many many thanks to Pauline Wright for my nomination and to Andrew Shekell of the Glenmore Trust for his kind words.


Well that’s your lot folks! I’ll be posting more blogs to our website and perhaps some little tit-bits to our social media platforms soon so please keep a look out. See you soon.