iCan Ladies


Classes:┬áMon – Fri. We recommend 3 workouts a week.

Price: Contact.

“Our aim is to make getting fit fun! We want to stimulate your brains, bodies and enthusiam for exercise!”

iCan Ladies is our unique version of circuit training exlusively designed for women.

Women have different needs to men. Women’s bodies require different levels of protection whilst training and women have unique health and wellbeing requirements. Knowing this we have developed a new training experience just for you!

Taught by female instructors your workout will consist of using a variety of resistance training machines; designed to work every major muscle group in your body. You will alternate between using the machines and following your instructors exercises.

This is where it gets exciting:

Each week your instructor will create a different theme for the classes. These could feature ARM’S, AEROBICS, BUMS, BUMS AND SOME TUMS, RESISTANCE TRAINING BANDS, KETTLEBELLS and much much more. A different theme each week means each workout is completly different from the last.