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“I think this is the kind of fitness routine that should be adopted by all gyms, it is low impact so good for all.” – Dame Kelly Holmes!

So you’ve heard everyone talking about this up and coming new bounce fitness trend – but what actually is Rebounding?

Rebounding is a safe, effective and fun low impact workout performed on a small trampoline, rebounder or trampette designed to absorb impact and be kind on your joints. We have the largest range of indoor trampolines and foldable rebounders in the Europe.

It’s a full body workout that burns fat, strengthens and tones the core, legs and upper body, improves lymphatic drainage and boosts the immue system (ladies… it’s also especially good for your pelvic floor! Guys – It will melt fat and get you lean and shredded and in the best shape of your life!)

Most importantly Rebounding is FUN and for EVERYONE. Whether you’re an athlete training to compete at the top of your game, a teacher looking for an effective new workout to get children excited about exercise or are simply looking for an all over body workout that is not only extremely effective but one that you really enjoy – Rebounding or mini trampoline training is for you!